Political Action Committee

In January 2008, the DMA Board of Directors voted to create the new DMA Political Action Committee (DMA PAC) as part of the Association’s efforts to increase its legislative advocacy efforts and presence in Washington, D.C. Now called ANFP PAC, it is a member-sponsored political action fund which supports Federal candidates who care about the ANFP mission and the work that ANFP members do. ANFP PAC is the tool by which our Association builds its strength in Washington and by which ANFP will continue to expand its visibility among elected officials.

Since Members of Congress and candidates for Congress are prohibited by Federal law from accepting contributions directly from corporate trade associations like ANFP, there is no way for ANFP as an association to directly support those Members of Congress who take legislative positions favorable to ANFP and its members. This includes legislative efforts to secure Federal recognition of the Certified Dietary Manager credential. What ANFP itself cannot do with respect to political contributions, ANFP PAC can, and that is why ANFP PAC is a critically-important resource that our Association can use to support the election of representatives who support our efforts and share our philosophy and our attitudes about government.

The main purposes of the ANFP PAC are to:

Aggregate and pool the support and resources of the members of ANFP for the collective good of the Association, and to enable the membership to have one strong political voice on issues of importance;

Provide a means by which all members of the Association can participate in some way to help with the political efforts of the Association;

Support and help elect candidates who understand and share our concerns, visions and philosophy;

Act as a rallying point for ANFP members to become engaged in the political process at all levels from making a contribution to meeting with elected officials;

Provide an important strategic tool for ANFP to make itself heard and understood on Capitol Hill – it is not a magic answer which will guarantee results, but it is an incredibly important vehicle to aid in the accomplishment of positive results; and,

Give ANFP more visibility in Washington and allow it to be more competitive among other associations which often may have conflicting goals.

The ANFP PAC is coordinated by the Legislative Committee in conjunction with the Chief Executive Officer, the ANFP Vice-President of Professional Development and other staff as well as the Washington Legislative Counsel. Together, these individuals will carefully review the voting records and positions of prospective recipients of ANFP PAC funds and make decisions on how to expend precious ANFP PAC resources. Input from ANFP members who know their local Federal candidates is welcome and encouraged.

ANFP PAC would not exist without the voluntary contributions of its members. It is the one way our Association stands united in its support of pro-ANFP political candidates. Since ANFP PAC is at this time relatively new, it is small compared to the PACs of other national associations; for example, the American Dietetic Association PAC raised over $255,000 in 2007 and spent nearly that much in support of Members of Congress and Congressional candidates. ANFP PAC has a great deal of growing to do so for more information on ANFP PAC and how you can help, please contact Jennifer Karson at ANFP.