Frequently Asked Questions


Can I nominate myself?
Yes. Simply complete the Volunteer Questionnaire. Provide your contact information and position of interest. A staff member will then contact you with detailed instructions on applying.

How do I nominate a candidate?
It is recommended to share position descriptions with the individual and advise him/her to complete the Volunteer Questionnaire if interested.

You may also select the “Volunteer Questionnaire” button and fill in the contact information of the nominee and a staff member will then contact him/her with instructions on applying (be sure to inform the individual that you have nominated him/her and that ANFP will contact him/her with instructions on how to apply.

What board positions need to be filled?

  • Chair Elect
  • Treasurer Elect
  • 2 Director at Large
  • NFEF Board of Trustee

What is the nominating process?
Submit your interest via the Volunteer Questionnaire and a staff member will contact you with detailed instructions on how to apply. The Leadership Development Committee reviews candidates and selects individuals that will move to the interview phase. Then, based on results of interview and ranking, the committee will select individuals to recommend for the slate that is presented to the board. Review the timeline for details of the entire nomination process.

When are nominations due?
The deadline for nominations ends February 1, 2019.

What If I am not selected?
If not selected, we recommend you try again next year.

How long is the term of service?
The length of service varies by position. Please refer to the Duties & Responsibilities.

Who can I contact with additional questions?
Feel free to contact Professional Development Services via phone at 800.323.1908 or via e-mail at

Download a printable flyer with the information on this page HERE.