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Get Inspired with ANFP Spark Sessions!

We are bringing SPARK sessions to our regional meetings and ACE!

  • What SPARKS you to be a better leader or manager?
  • What SPARKS you to breeze through a survey?
  • What SPARKS you to deliver exceptional service to your residents or clients?
  • What SPARKS you to enjoy your life to the fullest?

Do you have a story or topic that you are passionate about and want to share with others? Do you want a chance to be part of an ANFP live meeting while increasing your presentation skills and boosting your resume to include a speaking engagement? If so, then an ANFP Spark Session is for you.

ANFP Spark Sessions are rapid fire learning experiences that happen in 8-minute increments, featuring topics selected and presented by you as a Regional or ACE Meeting attendee. The idea behind ANFP Spark Sessions is to create a series of carefully timed 8-minute segments, with 10 slides per presenter, to deliver a unique ‘spark’ of inspired learning.

We invite you to be a part of this year's regional meetings and annual conference. We are looking for attendees who have a passion around a topic and would like to share with other attendees. You can improve your speaking and presenting skills while inspiring others. Help us create a unique and fun session!

Not sure about this? Don’t be intimidated. ANFP Spark Sessions are designed for fact, they are perfect for the novice who has a story or idea to share in a fun environment. If you are selected to present, we will even pair you with a coach to help with the development of your presentation, and provide you with a PowerPoint Template so you can create your presentation with ease. Check out samples of similar sessions (called IGNITE Sessions):

Ready to SPARK? Please complete the application below to be considered as a Spark Session presenter.

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