What CDM Means to Me - Archive


Michelle Haselrig, CDM, CFPP

Torrance, PA

“Earning my CDM, CFPP credential brought meaning and stability back into my life. I can stand tall with knowledge and wisdom knowing I can help someone and that is an awesome feeling to have when you’re at work. Sometimes I just start a new e-mail just to see my credentials beside my name. I always told myself ‘don’t go through life, grow through life’ and taking that step to become a CDM, CFPP was one of my greatest accomplishments ever.”


Sharon Vermeer, CDM, CFPP

Maurice, IA

“Becoming a CDM, CFPP has allowed me to do things I never imagined. The education and experiences I have had are invaluable to me, not to mention the incredible people I have met! As a volunteer, I’ve been able to teach, travel and learn about things not only in the dietary world, but in management and public relations. I think sometimes we get used to our own little world, and that’s okay, but being a CDM, CFPP let me expand my world to actually INCLUDE the whole world.”


CarieAnn Williams, CDM, CFPP

New Market, MN

“Being a CDM has lead me down a career path that affords me to learn every day. I am able to make a difference in the residents lives of which I serve by providing good food, good service or just a friendly smile. ANFP has been there for me every step of the way through my career advancement from supervisor to director by providing educational and networking opportunities. Having these resources available has helped me to become a confident leader. ANFP has also given me the opportunity to serve on committees which has helped me bring those experiences into the workplace.”


Marian Mitchell, CDM, CFPP

Mountain Home, ID

“Knowledge is Power. Not really. It is what you do with that knowledge that brings on the power! Being a CDM, CFPP has helped me become a more well-rounded person in the food service industry within the school district. I've brought awareness to my superiors and fellow workers from the things I've learned. It really feels great helping others to become more educated in the food service industry and "why" we do the things we do for the safety of all our students. They are priority #1!”


Ken Hanson, CPM, CDM, CFPP

Des Moines, IA

“After spending 12 years in long-term care at a CCRC, it was my CDM credential that helped me move into the correctional foodservice field. People sometimes forget that knowledge of diets ranging from diabetic to renal is important in many areas of non-commercial foodservice. The CDM credential, along with my volunteer roles for ANFP at the state chapter level, were two of the reasons I was hired for my current position. Being a CDM definitely is an asset to my career.”


Shawn Williams, CDM, CFPP

Kinsley, KS

"It means a new lease on life with a career. Even at the age of 48, I am growing and furthering myself in a career I never thought I would have. Working with people that depend on me to know how to help them, nutritionally, makes a world of difference over just being a great cook. I have met some great people at both the state and national levels and will be able to take their friendship with me where ever I go. This credential has definitely made a huge impact on my life’s path in such a short time. I have a great future ahead of me. Good luck to all who step on out there to make a difference.”


Wanda M. Dickson, CDM, CFPP

Mint Hill, NC

“A “phenomenal experience” is the best description I can give of getting into institutional nutritional services and becoming a CDM, CFPP. It gave me the opportunity to impact and make a difference in so many lives, residents, patients, families and staff.”


Jeremy Manners, CDM, CFPP

East Vandergrift, PA

“Earning my CDM credential was one of the best things I ever did! Coming from the business and industry foodservice sector, I was able to transition into healthcare foodservice very smoothly. Earning the CDM credential assures not only yourself, but also the hiring representative, that you have the knowledge, skill set, and leadership abilities needed to be successful. The CDM credential is sought after by many employers. You will never regret becoming a CDM, CFPP.”


Dorothy Radermacher, CDM, CFPP

Lino Lakes, MN

“It is an interesting reflection to sift out what being a CDM means to me as a 45-year member. In my early years it was a career path. In my mid-years it was developing my leadership skills and adapting to the changes that were happening around me. In my years just prior to retirement it allowed me to round out my experience from neo-natal to geriatric end of life nutritional care. I also was given the opportunity to look at the Lean Principles to manage efficiency in health care. Now fully retired to full time volunteerism, my CDM is allowing me to support my fellow members by serving my chapter in the areas of strategic planning, looking at ways to operate our chapter most efficiently, program planning to keep our members current, and networking on the local level.”


Joshua Watkins, CDM, CFPP

Palmetto, GA

“When I had the chance to become a CDM, I knew it would allow me to positively influence people’s lives. It gave me the tools needed to make informed decisions to better nutrition intake for Dining Services. Becoming a CDM was the best thing I did for my professional and personal growth. I love having the respect of my colleagues. Also financially, it continues to provide for and support my family.”


Haider Mahmood, CDM, CFPP

Falls Church, VA

“Obtaining my CDM has helped open so many more doors for advancement. The CDM credential provides the added edge many organizations look for when hiring for leadership roles in food & nutrition services.”


Michael Nowosielski, CDM, CFPP, FMP

Willoughby, OH

“Becoming certified through the ANFP as a CDM,CFPP has opened doors for me to become a culinary ambassador and nutritional educator by giving me access to an elite community of culinary professionals and support along with access to an unlimited amount of continuing education and allowing my continued success and growth for me to come full circle after being in the field for 20 years to having my office be in the same building as when I was young listening to the Pennsylvania Culinary recruitment team that stopped in to promote their prestigious academic culinary institution.”


Barbara Thomsen, CDM, CFPP

Norwalk, IA

“Being given the opportunity to become a CDM opened my world to being able to embrace my passion for cooking and caring for our most treasured resource our elders!  Leading staff in creating safe and memorable meals with the added bonus of participating each day in quality elder cares through the clinical MDS process, makes being a CDM a true win, win in my life!”


Chef Rocky Dunnam, CDM, CFPP

Amarillo, TX

“Coming from a background in restaurants and resorts across the Southwest, I always envisioned my career in that setting. It wasn’t until I took a position as an Executive Chef for a hospital that I realized the impact that I could make in the healthcare industry, and the impact that the healthcare industry could make in my career. After obtaining my CDM through ANFP, I realized two things; (1) The demand for chefs in healthcare will begin to rise very quickly, and (2) this career choice will prove to be one that I can continue to grow in for a lifetime!”


Kim Kyle CDM, CFPP

Fort Worth, TX

“My CDM credential has transformed my employment from a job to a career! I am able to work anywhere in the United States and I’m able to be employed in different settings such as healthcare, school nutrition, and correctional facilities. It also means having ANFP a national organization as my advocate. My CDM credential means I am an educated, trained and qualified professional.”


Tami Rutten CDM, CFPP

Bossier City, LA

“Being a CDM, CFPP opens the doors of employers that would have otherwise been closed. It also allows me to network with peers through ANFP. Attendance at national and regional meeting means I get to see parts of the country that I might not have.”      


Serena Hatton, CDM, CFPP

Somerset, KY

“Dad always said, ‘Don’t just go out into the world and do well, go out into the world and do good.’ As a member, the ANFP enables me to do good for my residents, employees, community, and state. It provides me with the tools to educate, mentor, grow, and advocate.”


James Haynes, CDM, CFPP

Phoenix, AZ

“After obtaining my Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University in Food and Nutrition Management in 2007, I wanted to belong to an organization that would help further my knowledge in this field. The continuing education tools supplied by the ANFP have been very valuable in keeping me current in new findings in nutrition, food safety, leadership and management. As an instructor at Glendale Community College in Arizona for “Principles of Nutrition” and “Applied Food Principles”, much of what the ANFP has offered, I convey to my students to help them be more successful as students, and for their careers after graduation. I feel not only has the ANFP helped me in my career as a teacher, it is also has made newcomers aware of our organization. This allows them to stay attuned to new information and trends to achieve success.”


Joseph Losacco CDM, CFPP

Seattle, WA

"I worked 20 years in the restaurant industry before moving into the retirement sector. It was not long into this transition that I realized the need for specialized training and went after my Dietary Manager certification. I’m proud of those initials behind my name; CDM, CFPP. The continued learning required to maintain certification keeps me relevant and on the leading edge. As our mission states, I truly feel like an expert in foodservice management and food safety thanks to ANFP. I am currently employed by Morrison Community Living at Crista Senior Living in Seattle as the Director Dining Services."


Susan Tackaberry, CDM, CFPP

Rogers, MN

"Being a CDM means that I am equipped with the right leadership and management skills that make me a valuable part of the management team at The Wellstead of Rogers. It means that I have the education and knowledge to confidently manage the diets of 140 Alzheimer's and Dementia residents. CDM means that I am part of a local and National Association that continually nurtures me as a professional in my field."