Government Affairs Committee

The ANFP Legislative Committee exists to assist the ANFP Chief Executive Officer and staff in the development and implementation of comprehensive and effective government affairs strategies for the association on the Federal and state levels. The Committee is charged also to work closely with any external government affairs advisors who shall serve at the pleasure of the ANFP CEO and Board.

The duties and functions of the ANFP Legislative Committee are numerous and varied and are overseen by the ANFP CEO and Board.

The most significant duties and functions of the ANFP Legislative Committee are as follows:

Developing comprehensive legislative strategies for the Association including determining which state or national legislative initiatives the Committee and Association should support or introduce, or seek to defeat, for the benefit of the membership and the Association as a whole;

Working with the ANFP Chief Executive Officer and staff and government affairs advisors, on the effective and timely implementation of those strategies;

Developing, in conjunction with the ANFP CEO and Board of Directors, the Association's positions on various legislative initiatives and undertaking such research as may be necessary to support such positions;

Creating such materials as may be needed to communicate the Association's positions on legislative matters to legislators and other policy makers;

Communicating information on a regular basis to the ANFP membership about: a) legislative and regulatory issues that could potentially affect them; b) current ANFP's priority issues and legislative strategies; and c) national and state regulatory requirements that are imposed on them and their operations;

Overseeing the fiscal management and operations of the ANFP Political Action Committee (ANFP-PAC);

Fundraising for the ANFP Political Action Committee, including the development of programs and initiatives to raise awareness of the importance of the ANFP-PAC as a critical legislative tool for the Association; and,

Recommending the disbursement of funds from the ANFP-PAC in concert with current legislative strategies.

The ANFP Legislative Committee reports directly to the ANFP CEO. Membership of the ANFP Legislative Committee, including the Chairperson, shall be appointed by the ANFP Chairperson of the Board, with ratification by the ANFP Board. The Chairperson shall lead the Legislative Committee's deliberations and actions. The ANFP CEO serves as a member of the ANFP Legislative Committee, and the Chairperson of the ANFP Board shall serve ex officio.

Government Affairs Committee

ANFP Award for Public Policy and Advocacy

The ANFP Award for Public Policy and Advocacy is to be presented at the Annual Meeting Awards Banquet on the recommendation of the ANFP Legislative Committee to an ANFP member who has provided exemplary volunteer service on the Federal, state or local governmental levels in the development of legislation, public policy initiatives, or other political efforts, which benefit ANFP members, the ANFP itself or the food service industry as a whole. Nominees can be any current member of ANFP whom you respect because of their personal and volunteer efforts, past or present, to accomplish positive governmental results for ANFP, ANFP members or the profession, or who have exerted zealous advocacy in the public policy arena.

Lynn Jenkins

Lynn Jenkins
2015 ANFP Public Policy and Advocacy
Award Winner