Grant Recipients


Paige Thibault
2015 Continuing Education Grant Recipient

Attending the Western Regional Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada was a phenomenal experience. The ANFP staff and volunteers were so gracious, helpful and accommodating. I was made to feel so welcome. I was truly honored. The subjects of the seminars were fresh and exciting. The days went by so fast. The speakers were very informative and interactive with the audience. They were approachable at any time, even at the end of the day or during lunch, to ask questions or just chat. The networking opportunities were fabulous. I met so many new friends I know I will be keeping in touch with. Some of us have already made a pact to attend Nationals in 2017!

Continuing Education Grant (Annual Conference & Expo)
Jessica Herfel, CDM, CFPP

CDM Student Grant
Angela Halton

Certification Exam Grant
Katherine Barry
Catherine Brown
David Hancock
Tyra Moore
Julie Barlow
Fatimah Hanif
Kara Lee
Angela Massage
Diana Shingler
Roberta Thompson
Sandra Jockisch
Jenna Markl
Joshua Perkins
Zita Simon
Tabitha Terrio
Chadwick Distler
Jessica Norton
Susan Pecukonis Schmidt
Nadia Sprankle
Rose Thompson

​Continuing Education Grant (Regional Meeting)
Nancy Meusberger, CDM, CFPP (Minneapolis, MN)
Maureen Lipnitz, CDM, CFPP (Princeton, NJ)
Crystal Holtz, CDM, CFPP
2015 Certification Exam Grant Recipient

The grant was amazing to receive, it not only helped me reach my professional goals for my career but also gave me the relief of financial burden. If it would not have been for ANFP and the NFEF Foundation offering this scholarship I would of had to wait even longer to take my Exam, so a huge THANK YOU for offering this scholarship to people like myself, I couldn't have done this without you.

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