Pride in Foodservice Week


February 5 - 9, 2018

Pride in Foodservice Week Contest Winners Announced

1st Place: Rosemary Bowen
2nd Place: Toni Skaggs, CDM, CFPP
3rd Place: Gail Schwanbeck, CDM, CFPP

February 5-9 was designated Pride in Foodservice Week by ANFP in 2018. Each year, this week of recognition applauds nutrition and foodservice professionals and other members of the dietary team for their hard work and dedication on the job. This annual event, in its 27th year, was celebrated by facilities throughout the country.

At the end of Pride in Foodservice Week, individuals were encouraged to submit a contest application, which explained the fun, creative, and inspirational ways in which they celebrated their foodservice teams and the impact it had on staff and residents. This year, three winners were awarded credit to the ANFP Marketplace.

Rosemary - PIFSW
Rosemary - PIFSW
Rosemary - PIFSW
Rosemary - PIFSW

Rosemary Bowen, Kitchen Manager of Fellowship Home at Meriwether in Milledgeville, GA, received first place this year due to her exciting and elaborate celebrations within her facility. She received $100 in ANFP Marketplace credit for her efforts to coordinate a food drive during the week for a local food pantry. Additionally, her team took hot meals to seniors in the community. Bowen and her team originally planned for the hot meals to be delivered for only one day but realized the impact it made and developed the Food from Fellowship program. This program will now deliver hot meals from the facility’s kitchen monthly. “Both staff and residents will provide us with names of people in the community that will benefit from the hot meal and visit,” she said. Bowen also gave a personalized chef hat and handwritten thank you note to each staff member during the week.

ToniSkaggs - PIFSW

Toni Skaggs, CDM, CFPP, Arbor Café Supervisor and Mocha Molly’s Manager of Memorial Hospital of Converse County also celebrated Pride in Foodservice Week with her staff with many exciting and meaningful events. She and her team posted resourceful and interesting information on Arbor Café’s Facebook page each day to inform customers of foodservice, the café, and how it impacts the hospital and community. Skaggs took the team out for a pizza celebration and a bowling party to celebrate their contribution and teamwork efforts, and even had the governor officially declare February 5-9, 2018 as Pride in Foodservice Week in Wyoming. Additionally, the café’s Employee of the Month program was tied into Pride in Foodservice Week and the recipients received a gift card of their choice and dinner with the Hospital’s CEO, Assistant Administrator, or Director of Hospitality Services. “We have seen a lot of positive feedback from the community and other departments within the hospital. I believe our team feels valued and appreciated for what they do each day,” she said.

Gail Schwanbeck - PIFSW

Gail Schwanbeck - PIFSW

Gail Schwanbeck - PIFSW

The final Pride in Foodservice Week contest winner is Gail Schwanbeck, CDM, CFPP, Program Manager of Semcac Senior Nutrition. Schwanbeck organized a soup challenge with staff from eight kitchens throughout the 11 counties that her she works with in Southeastern Minnesota. “My challenge was to have them produce a soup that would appeal to our senior population that didn’t exist in our recipe file. The ingredients had to be available on our order guide through our prime vendor, and the recipe could be quantified to be used in the kitchen,” she said.

Schwanbeck had a panel of judges to determine the best soup. Criteria included taste, appearance, aroma, nutrition, and originality. Judges used a scale of 1-5 and the contestant with the highest overall score won gas gift cards and a jacket donated by Reinhart Foodservice. In addition to the contest, each staff member received a canvas bag with a duffle bag and mug. “These efforts encouraged teamwork, to be creative, and to take pride in producing a recipe to be shared with seven other kitchens in the area. It was FUN,” said Schwanbeck.

ANFP members throughout the country had their own unique spin on how to recognize their foodservice staff. Heather Pass, CDM, CFPP allowed employees to dress casually all week and provided lunch and dessert. Employees were also recognized by the Certified Dietary Manager for their achievements and goals of having a successful state review.

Sandra Bosley, CDM, CFPP and her team prepared a breakfast for employees and organized donations to Food for Thought, a community organization that provides food packs to children. Her staff also participated in a Boot Camp and provided nutritious meals to the participants.

Lisa Quested, CDM, CFPP gave fun, scented lotions and lottery scratch-off tickets to each employee. Three individuals won money from the cards!

ANFP wants to thank every individual and facility that celebrated Pride in Foodservice Week. Check back soon for details on ANFP’s 28th Pride in Foodservice Week!