Pride in Foodservice Week
February 5 - 9, 2018

This recognition week applauds nutrition and foodservice professionals and other members of the dietary team for their hard work and dedication on the job. Celebrating its 27th year in 2018, Pride in Foodservice Week will be celebrated in facilities across the country in various inventive ways.

Congratulations to the following 2017 Pride in Foodservice Week recipients:

First Place: Amy Melvin, CDM, CFPP
First Place: Dawn Chisholm, CDM, CFPP
Third Place: Cynthia Molina, CDM, CFPP

Thank you to those who celebrated Pride in Foodservice Week and submitted applications to the contest.


Pride in Foodservice Week Contest Winners Announced

February 6-10, 2017 was designated Pride in Foodservice Week by ANFP. This recognition week applauds nutrition and foodservice professionals and other members of the dietary team for their hard work and dedication on the job. This annual event, now in its 26th year, was celebrated by facilities throughout the country.  At the end of Pride in Foodservice Week, individuals were encouraged to submit a contest application, which explained the fun, creative and inspirational ways in which they celebrated their foodservice teams and the impact it had on staff and residents. This year, three winners were awarded credit in the ANFP Marketplace.

16425764_1419225118121969_833424114324139220_n[1]Two individuals tied for first place this year due to their exciting and elaborate celebrations. One of the first place winners ($100 ANFP Marketplace credit) is Amy Melvin, CDM, CFPP, Dining Services Director at Brookdale Senior Living of Zanesville in Zanesville, OH. To begin the week, Melvin posted a flyer of weeklong celebrations and events. She invited staff and residents to attend an IHOP breakfast. Pancakes and omelets were made to order. Melvin also coordinated a chef hat decorating contest and involved the residents as judges for the contest.

Throughout the week, staff also participated in a murder mystery game that involved clues, questions, and a prize for the case solver. A poster of staff photos and bios was posted for residents and their families. In addition, a group photo was posted on social media.

16682052_1423586537685827_3577269735322696261_n[1]From Tuesday through Friday, Melvin and her staff followed a theme and took a trip to a special place. Staff dressed based on the theme and enjoyed a themed meal or snack. Themes included the old west, 50’s era, Hawaii, and the Big Apple. Residents enjoyed the different themes and would ask “where are we going today?”

A food techniques trivia game was created with small giveaways such as pens, candy, and markers. A scavenger hunt was completed by staff that incorporated cooking temperatures, danger zone, ppm test strips, and more.

Dawn1Dawn Chisholm, CDM, CFPP, Food Service Manager at Long View Health Care in Manchester, MD was also awarded first place ($100 ANFP Marketplace credit). Chisholm began the week by placing a poster of all her staff members in the lobby of the nursing home so that all visitors, staff, residents, and families would know that it was Pride in Foodservice Week. Each day Chisholm thanked her staff in various creative ways. For instance, on Monday they received doughnuts with a tag that said “We donut know what we would do without you”. On Tuesday, they received hand sanitizer with a note stating “hands down you are the best.” Wednesday’s giveaway was notepads, pens, pencils, and markers and a note that said “take note, I think you are great.” On Thursday, she provided Entenmanns candles that said “you are scentsational,” and on Friday, staff received a hand-written thank you card for hard work along with a lottery ticket.

Dawn2In addition to daily gifts, Chisholm had a United States/What Makes America Great theme for the week. Her staff enjoyed various recipes from around the country, including Pennsylvania Amish pot pie, Maryland crab soup, California chicken salad, Idaho baked potatoes, and more. In addition to staff, residents and families enjoyed the new variety of meals. Administration took staff to a local ice cream parlor where staff received sundaes and gift cards as well.


Cynthia-1Cynthia Molina, CDM, CFPP, Dietary Manager at Kenedy Health and Rehabilitation (Creative Solutions in Health Care) in Kenedy, TX, received third place for this year’s contest. Molina conducted an Iron Chef event with five providers of food services to residents and patients. The dietary departments of four skilled nursing facilities and a hospital were invited to partake. Two teams were established and had 20 minutes to prepare a recipe. Judges of the contest included individuals from the community such as the ombudsman, Karnes County Sheriff, among others.

Cynthia-3Molina invited a representative from the newspaper to cover the event. In addition, many community members and residents attended. The room where the event took place was decorated with black tablecloths, takeout-style boxes, and had dragons hanging from the ceiling. Each judge received a small china plate with an orange goldfish chopstick holder, chopsticks, and a glass with a gift bag. Individuals from both teams received black aprons and chef hats.

After the event, trophies were awarded to each team for the following: Best taste, most entertaining show, best presentation, most original recipe, and best use of secret ingredient (oranges).

While Melvin, Chisholm, and Molina celebrated Pride in Foodservice Week at their facilities, ANFP members throughout the country had their own unique spin on how to recognize their foodservice staff. Ricardo Rivera, MBA, CEC, CDM, CFPP, Dietary Manager, Central Florida Behavioral Hospital, worked with the CEO of the hospital to create a weeklong event for staff. He provided different activities and tokens of appreciation each day including donuts, pastries, Latin cuisine, Chinese buffet, and more.

Pamela Carberry, CDM, CFPP, Foodservice Director, Calvin Community, celebrated by providing food activities to a department of nearly 50 individuals. Different treats and meals were given to staff each day. In addition, a special breakfast for independent residents to join was provided. 

Thomas Schoenewald, III, CDM, CFPP, Food Services Director, Hot Springs County Memorial Hospital, celebrated by allowing staff to bring in a favorite recipe to be added to a newsletter. This newsletter was distributed to all hospital employees.

Lucia Yabut, CDM, CFPP, Dietetic Technician II, Guam Memorial Hospital Authority, decorated bulletin boards, presented certificates of appreciation to dietary staff, and organized a potluck. The individual who received Manager/Supervisor of the Quarter was also recognized throughout the week for their hard work.