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What is ANFP's Member Appreciation Week?

ANFP is grateful for its 14,000 members. To show appreciation for its members, ANFP has designated April 2 - 6, 2018, as Member Appreciation Week. During this special week, ANFP members will receive special discounts, be entered into raffles, and will have the opportunity to enter contests for great prizes.

Message from the ANFP Chair, Ken Hanson, CPM, CDM, CFPP

As Chair of the Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals (ANFP), I wanted to personally thank you for your membership.

This week is our 3rd annual member appreciation week, and we want to take a moment and recognize the membership through a variety of activities, raffles, and giveaways. We wouldn’t be the strong organization we are without the dedicated, loyal members, and volunteers we are so lucky to have. Member Appreciation Week is a small token of appreciation for everything you do for the organization and foodservice industry.

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Gretchen Pulver"Member Appreciation week is a time when I celebrate my certification, the work I put into it, and the pride I take in my work. ANFP's efforts during this week makes me feel appreciated & proud"

- Gretchen Pulver CDM, CFPP, Food Services Manager, Delta County Memorial Hospital

GregMueller100"I appreciate ANFP supporting their membership by offering raffles for membership dues. Being a part of an organization that is committed to its membership with free continuing education opportunities, dues raffles, and membership appreciation events is refreshing."

- Greg Mueller WCMC, CEC, CCA, ACE, AAC, CDM, CFPP

2018 Member Appreciation Week Schedule of Events

Monday, April 2 | FREE CE!

To kick off the week, members had access to a FREE CE article!

The article titled Preparing for an Inspection was available in the ANFP Marketplace $0 dollars.

Tuesday, April 3 | Gift Pack Giveaways & Member Benefits Webinar

30 ANFP members were randomly selected to receive an ANFP gift pack on Tuesday morning! Additionally, members had the option to attend an ANFP member benefits webinar at 1pm CDT on Tuesday to learn more about how you can maximize your membership. All webinar attendees were entered into a raffle to win a $50 Visa gift card!

Congratulations to Patti Rolfe, CDM, CFPP for being the randomly-selected recipient of the $50 Visa gift card! Thank you to everyone who attended the ANFP Member Benefits Webinar!

Congratulations to the following ANFP members who were randomly-selected to receive an ANFP gift pack!

Tyler Paul Zent, CDM, CFPP
Catherine C. San Nicolas, CDM, CFPP, LD, RD
Alan D. Sambasile, CDM, CFPP
Theodoria F. Mack, CDM, CFPP
Phyllis Anne Fletcher, CDM, CFPP
Erika B. Mule', CDM, CFPP
William J. Fitzgerald, CDM, CFPP
Roxanne Canent, CDM, CFPP
Matthew G. Hurley, CDM, CFPP
Michael Shifflett
Stephane P. Giannoni, CDM, CFPP
Brenda Lee Parker, CDM, CFPP
Dan T. Shepler, CDM, CFPP
Katrina Koehn, CDM, CFPP
Lisa A. Hawkins, CDM, CFPP

Beverly Mincey, CDM, CFPP
Samantha L Comeau, CDM, CFPP
Julie A. Glenn, CDM, CFPP
Gloria D. Rowe, CDM, CFPP
Joellen M. Ionni, CDM, CFPP
David Wayne Linville, CDM, CFPP
Patricia Tressler, CDM, CFPP
Emmy Luise Creskey, CDM, CFPP
Stephen M. Tinney, CDM, CFPP
Michael Carney, CDM, CFPP
Christopher Parris, CDM, CFPP
Marichu Buenaventura Ortega
Stacy Idelle Salsgiver
David Durham Voelz, CDM, CFPP
Edna M. Russell, CDM, CFPP

Wednesday, April 4 | Let's Get Social!

The first step in Wednesday's activity was to "like" the ANFP Facebook page. If you don't follow our page already, you can do so by clicking HERE and then clicking the Like button on our page! We appreciate your support to grow our Facebook outreach.

After liking the page, members were invited to post resume and interview tips on the Wednesday morning post. Any member who commented on this post by 5:00 PM CDT with a resume or interview tip was entered into a CDM gift pack raffle!

Additionally, we have created a new resource page for ANFP members! This page includes information to help you improve your professional profiles on LinkedIn, ANFPConnect, and more. This page also includes our Top 10 Interview Tips list!

View the Resources    Top 10 Interview Tips

Thursday, April 5 | ANFP Website Scavenger Hunt

On Thursday, members completed a simple, 10-question scavenger hunt using information on ANFP's website. Members who completed this scavenger hunt with a score of 80% or higher were entered into a raffle! Three individuals were randomly selected to receive an Apple Watch, a Kindle, or a set of wireless bluetooth speakers! The scavenger hunt must have been completed by 5:00 PM CDT on Thursday, April 5.

Congratulations to Amey Campbell, CDM, CFPP (Apple Watch), Ashley Leonard, CDM, CFPP (Kindle), and Mary Jo Lashua, CDM, CFPP (Bluetooth Speakers)!

Friday, April 6 | Membership Raffle & 30% Off Online Courses

This special week of appreciation closed with a raffle of three free ANFP memberships and 30% off all online courses! Online courses were discounted until 11:59 PM CDT on Friday, April 6.

Congratulations to the following individuals who were randomly selected to receive one year of free dues!

Denise A. Bone, CDM, CFPP
Randy Comeaux
Anna Remer, CDM, CFPP

Throughout the Week

30% Off ANFP Merchandise

During the entire week, ANFP merchandise was 30% off!

Extra Membership Raffle Entries

Additionally, members could submit "What CDM Means to Me" quotes, CDM of the month nominations, and suggestions for next year's Member Appreciation Week to to receive extra entries in Friday's free membership raffle.