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Corporate Partnership delivers optimal value for your marketing budget by providing a variety of opportunities.


ANFPtv is a portal within our website that will bring viewers engaging educational video content, organized by topic area. It also provides a highly targeted and compelling new branding opportunity for you, our corporate partners!

ANFPtv will host a variety of videos from customized educational content to conference recaps. The marketing benefits to sponsors include alignment as industry experts or supporters of important topics, and increased ROI on click-through rates and brand impressions. At this point, we are offering corporate partners two separate ways to sponsor a video.

Conference All-Year Long
Sponsor the best content from ANFP's 2018 Annual Conference & Expo! Full-length presentations that left conference attendees inspired and excited can now be re-experienced, on demand, all year long on ANFPtv, providing your organization maximum reach and exposure at ACE and brand exposure for a full year after ACE.

How it works: Following ACE, a 2-minute video promoting your sponsored conference session ("brought to you by") will be featured in ANFP eNews and our social media, as well as on our ANFPtv website portal with a click-thru banner taking viewers directly to the full session video where your branding continues to be featured.

Video Content Marketing
Authenticate yourself and your company as the industry expert on a topic relevant to your business and customers. Supply a video for approval, or let our team produce quality, educational video content that is strategically released to the full ANFP audience.

How it works: Choose an industry relevant topic for which you will provide a success story or be featured as the subject matter expert. We’ll produce a video (or you can supply approved videos) that will be released on ANFPtv and also published on your website via a custom video player (included), and co-branded with your logo and "As seen on ANFPtv“. You can use these videos as part of your marketing and lead generation efforts with a click-thru to your website, research, white papers, or a request for more information, for up to 12 months. If you are interested in learning more about either option or the ANFPtv platform in general, we would love to host a call and answer any questions you may have.

Expo Booth Discounts

Enjoy a $500 savings on an Expo booth at our Annual Conference & Expo, and $300 savings on Regional Meetings! You’ll also receive priority booth space assignments whenever possible.

ANFP Mailing List

The Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals member mailing and e-mail lists offer direct access to thousands of engaged nutrition and foodservice managers, directors, and those aspiring to careers in nutrition and foodservice management. Renting the ANFP member mailing or e-mail lists is an effective direct marketing tool you can use to inform our members that you are eager to conduct business and maintain a top-of-mind presence with them throughout the year. For more information, counts, or to place an order, please contact INFOCUS Marketing at 800.708.5478, or view ANFP member mailing and email list details online at

Discounted Magazine Ads

Corporate Partners receive a 15% discount off ad rates in Nutrition & Foodservice Edge®, ANFP’s popular magazine and highest rated membership benefit. With a total readership of over 28,000 nutrition and foodservice professionals, companies incorporate the “Edge” into their annual advertising budgets for its direct reach to qualified buyers and decision-makers.

Discounted Banner Ads

ANFP's website,, currently receives more than 71,000 hits per day and over 2.1 million hits per month! Corporate Partners enjoy a 10% discount on published banner ad rates.

Recognition Online

The names of CorporatePartners, along with a description of their products and services and a direct link to their website, appear 24/7 on the ANFP website.

ANFP Educational Programs

Extend your reach by being part of ANFP’s Program Resource Guide. This comprehensive guide is provided to chapters who are seeking qualified speakers for their state and district programs. Put your company’s expertise on their agenda!

Sponsor Opportunities

Corporate Partners can maximize their ANFP national and regional meeting exposure beyond the Expo floor, by becoming an ANFP Sponsor. Sponsors receive extensive added value through highly visible sponsor packages at a variety of price points.

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