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2014 ANFP Awards

Nominations are now open for the new ANFP awards program!  Take this opportunity to showcase your own work, a colleague, or company that demonstrates excellence. Recipients will be recognized at 2014 National Leadership Conference (June 21-24 in Minneapolis, MN).

Nominee’s Name:

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One award per submission, please. You are welcome to submit as many nominations as desired by May 1. Award details >>
CDM of the Year - Recipient of chapter-level CDM of the Year in Fall 2013 or Spring 2014.
Embrace Diversity - How has a member displayed leadership in fostering equality, diversity, and inclusion?
Excellence in Dining - How did a member elevate a dining experience from more than just “eating”?
Institute Alumni LEAD - How was leadership curriculum applied?
Leading Change Partnership - How did a facility demonstrate strong commitment to the CDM credential and support the nutrition and foodservice department leader?
Legacy - How has a member made significant and ongoing contributions to ANFP, their workplace and/or their community?
Model of Commitment Leadership - How did a non-member demonstrate commitment to the CDM credential and support the nutrition and foodservice department leader through mentoring?

Why does the nominee deserve to win the award that is checked above? Please be as descriptive as possible (100-500 words preferred).

Please attach all files that support your nomination. Acceptable files include: Adobe Acrobat (pdf), Microsoft Word (doc), Microsoft Excel (xls), Publisher (pub), jpeg, jpg, gif, and png. NOTE: Please keep in mind there is a maximum TOTAL attachment size limit of 10MB.

Nominees will be notified via email of the award recipient by May 15, 2014. If you have questions, please contact Kim at 800-323-1908 x123 or